With GetVPN you can make your internet connection private and secure.

Safe and secure

VPN grants you online privacy and security. You do not need to register or login and we do not track or keep logs from any user.

No registration needed
No log is saved from any user

Different locations

Proprietary VPN servers are all over the world, which ensures speedy and stable connection.

Unlimited traffic

Protect Your Connection

VPN builds up your online security. Protect yourself against someone sniffing on your connection with IPsec protocol on all our servers.

AES 128 bit encryption
IPsec protocol

What Is Actually Happening After You Tap "Connect"?

You choose the server-country you want to connect and tap 'ON'
We establish a private tunnel between our server and your device
All data now goes through this tunnel and becomes encrypted
Now you can start using the VPN

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